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At PRIEBE´s Maskinfabrik A / S, we are happy to perform special tasks, tailored to the individual customer's wishes and needs. The following are examples of tasks we have performed:

TurningTable , Revolving table

This collarbone saw is designed for automatic sawing of the rib. The focus on the finished solution has been safety, workflow, uptime and waste.

Special Tasks


The swing belt here carries flour sacks at a rate of 0.5 meters per second. The bags range from 12.5 kilos to 25 kilos and must be transportable from one runway to another. It's important to us with a durable and maintained friendly solution.

Pallet Transport

Here we have made side loaders / swingloaders with side load instead of standard front load. Both as right and left model. We have developed these models so they can tip longer and about for approx. 125 °. The mower / swingloaders are also made in a front load model.


Here, in collaboration with Randlev Industri Automation, we have manufactured stainless roller conveyors and chain conveyors for pallet transport, as well as lifting and lowering lanes for directional change of pallets. In addition, the belt conveyor stairs.

These wind shields are set up on the west coast and made of 80x80mm acid-resistant, stainless steel that can withstand salt water. The clear plastic on the sides is made of impact resistant plastic so that children are not harmed. The roof is in a 3 layer thermal plate that shields from the sun.

Wind Shield
Wind Shield

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