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PRIEBE`s Maskinfabrik

PRIEBE´s Maskinfabrik A/S

Smedegade 4

6000 Kolding

CVR. 28896638

Tlf. +45 7552 3099

Fax +45 7553 4589

Mail: pmas@mail.dk

About Company

PRIEBE´s Maskinfabrik was originally established in 1970, and we have more than 50 years of experience with production for, and service of, the food industry in Denmark as well as abroad.

Our specialty is machinery and fixtures for the food industry, as well as servicing and maintenance of various plants.

In addition, we at PRIEBE also have extensive experience of performing sound measurements, as well as producing noise-canceling guards that can improve the working environment of your company.

On a daily basis, our employees are based in Kolding, where we have an efficient machine park for both plate and machine machining, as well as cutting buckets and roller jobs in stainless material.

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